Sophia’s Garden Tea Room
Private Party Dining Contract
(Send this copy in with your deposit)
Deposit Calculation
Menu Price per person x ________ x Number of Estimated Guests ______ =
Plus Tax (8.25%)
Plus Gratuity
Estimated Subtotal
Deposit Required (35%)
Private Party Agreement
Please note: Your function is not confirmed until we receive the deposit and this form signed and
completed. Please either mail, scan and email or personally deliver this form to the address provided
Day and date of event ______________________________________________________
Start time _______________ Stop Time ______________ Number of Guests__________
Host’s Name ____________________________________ Today’s date ______________
Child’s name (if applicable) __________________________________________________
Company ________________________________________________________________
Telephone ___________________________ Fax _________________________________
Email ____________________________________________________________________
Please call 817-851-6047 to confirm that this agreement has been received.
I have read and I agree to follow all of Sophia’s Garden Tea Room’s private event policies. My signature
below will act as my acknowledgement of all of the conditions. If I am paying by credit card, my
signature below will also act as authorization to charge the non-refundable deposit to my credit card.
If paying with a credit card, I understand a total deposit of $____________ will be charged to this credit
card.  Please include a copy of the front and back of the card.
Method of payment:  Visa   Mastercard   Discover   Cash   Check   PayPal
Credit Card Number ________________________________________________________
Name as it appears on the card _______________________________________________
Signature ______________________________________ Expiration Date _____________
___ Please automatically charge the remaining balance to this card at the conclusion of the event
___An on-site host will settle the bill in person at the conclusion of event.
Sophia’s Garden Tea Room
Private Party Dining Contract
(Keep this copy)
Thank you for considering Sophia’s Garden Tea Room for your special event. Attached you will find our
private party policies. All private parties are booked under our private dining terms and conditions.
Please call us at 817-851-6047 to discuss any questions you may have.
Terms and Conditions
A party will not be confirmed until we have received a deposit and a signed contract.
A security deposit equal to 35% of the estimated cost of the final bill which is set forth in the
financial summary herein, is required to secure your date and will be applied to your final bill.
The balance of payment is required at the end of your function.
We prefer cash, credit cards or PayPal payments for deposits. We will accept checks but your
check will have to fully clear your bank prior to your party being confirmed.
We only accept cash or credit cards for final payment. We do not, under any circumstances,
accept personal checks for final payments.
We charge an 18% gratuity on your food and beverage total as well as 8.25% state tax
You may bring and set-up your own decorations. (Please do not stand in our chairs, we can
provide you with a step stool). Please take down all decorations at the end of your event. We
will provide trash receptacles for disposal if there is not anything you wish to take with you.
Sophia’s Garden Tea Room’s policy is to hold the contracted reservation during the time allotted
for your event. If you are running late to your event, please call 817-851-6047 to let us know. In
some circumstances, we may be able to stay later or go over your allotted time but there will be
a $15 fee for each additional ½ hour over your scheduled allotted time.
Since our tea room is small and quaint, we ask that you use only the tables allotted for your
party and do not stand in the aisles so we can better serve you and our other patrons.
A final guaranteed number of adults and children for all functions must be confirmed and
guaranteed and is not subject to reduction. We will charge you for your guaranteed number of
guests, or the actual number of guests, whichever is greater.
For Children’s Parties:
One sandwich per child is included in the price. Any additional sandwiches will be $2.50
per sandwich.
Any child (over the age of 2) or adult attending a children’s party will be required to
purchase a lunch.
The following cancellation and deposit forfeitures apply:
Party cancelled 30 days or more before the event: 100% refund of deposit
Party cancelled 30 days to 15 days prior to the event: 75% refund of deposit
Party cancelled 14 days to 8 days prior to the event: 50% refund of deposit
Party cancelled 7 days or less days prior to the event: 0% refund of deposit